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Acupuncture for sexual disorders

                                                  Acupuncture can treat Sexual Disorders

Do you know acupressure and acupuncture can cure erectile dysfunction ED premature ejaculation PE low libido sexual weakness sex aversion vaginismus and other sexual disorders.

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Dr Anjali Sharma

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Miracles of Acupuncture


I am Dr Anjali Sharma and I am helping people with this amazing acupuncture therapy.

Many people today are aware about acupuncture and its wonderful effect on health. But not many people know how effective it is in vast aspects of health. Here are some of the prominent one's:

Pain - It is worlds best answer to pain be it sciatica, back pain, slip disc, arthritis, headache and migraine, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and neuropathy, colic, rheumatism, new and old injuries etc.

Infertility - Excellent result in both male and female infertility. It could be infertility of known cause like PCOD, endometriosis, low AMH, poor egg quality, hormonal imbalance or even infertility of unknown cause. In addition it also helps women going for IVF and improves its success rate.

Women's Disorders -  Menstrual disorders, Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, PCOS, Hormonal imbalance, infertility, menopausal syndrome, vaginismus etc

Disease Management - Very effective in management of diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, asthma COPD, IBS, Constipation, Indigestion, Kidney failure, Glaucoma, Insomnia, paralysis, UTI etc

Sexual Disorders - Impotence / Erectile dysfunction, PE / Premature ejaculation, sexual weakness and low libido etc

Psycho-emotional Complaints - Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Phobia, Mental weakness etc

Deaddiction - It works wonders in addiction of nicotine and smoking, alcohol, substance abuse etc

Wellness - Not many know that unique role of acupuncture is wellness. It helps in improving health, enhancing immunity, increasing energy levels, making vitality stronger and improving body functions. It improves overall physical mental sexual health and therefore quality of life.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy
The procedure of cupping is a method of healing in which a specialist places special particular cups on top of your skin for a certain amount of time to develop suction and correct the balance of Qi. Qi can be defined as the innermost energy that is travelling through our body and in the world; in case that the qi is interrupted, it can develop blockages in the body or ruin its balance. Cupping is another type of healing procedure similar to acupuncture. Whereas in acupuncture needles are brought into use, cupping therapy applies the use of round glass cups. 

Cupping is one of the most ancient processes of TCM i.e. traditional Chinese medicine. It has become somewhat of a trend now to be able to get cupping therapy but this method of healing extends back to the eras of ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Middle Eastern customs. Ebers Papyrus is one of the age old books of medicine that details how the olden Egyptians brought this method into use in 1550 B.C. Cupping has several varying degrees of methods and techniques with which it is performed. All these different methods are used to extract the energy, blood and fluids from the body to the surface of the skin enhancing the circulation of these things by pressure through the cups. 

The cups used in this technique can be made of glass, earthenware, silicone and bamboo. There are also two different ways of cupping i.e. wet and dry. A typical period of treatment through cupping comprises of 4 to 6 sessions with breaks inbetween a gap of 3 to 10 days. 

A more advanced method of cupping makes use of a rubber pump to make the vacuum instead of using fire. Silicone cups are applicable to give a massage like feel to the individual. In the case of wet cupping, a slight suction is created when the cup is positioned for 3 minutes on the skin. After this, the cup is removed and the specialist uses a tiny scalpel to create light harmless cuts on your skin. In the next step they use cupping again to pull away the small amount of blood.

Later, the individual might be provided with an ointment that is antibiotic and bandage it to stop any infections. The normal time for the skin to return to normal is ten days. The followers and believers of this method of healing hold the belief that such a method gets rid of the harmful and dangerous materials and toxins from the body and enhance the individual’s healing. 

Another technique of cupping is “needle”, wherein the specialist first inserts the acupuncture needles in your skin and then proceeds to position cups over the mentioned needles. In a normal session of cupping therapy, the cups are heated up with the help of a ball of cotton or any other substance that easily catches fire. This substance is beforehand drenched in alcohol and then gently positioned in the cup. This procedure results in diminishing all the oxygen that may exist in the cup and builds a vacuum inside. 

As the flammable material burns, the glass cup is upturned to allow the specialist to position it over a particular area of your body. The vacuity that was created in the cup due to the absence of oxygen aids in attaching the cup to the individual’s skin and jerks it skyward inside the glass as the jar cools from the inside because of the air. It is believed that when the skin is stretched upwards in this way, it helps in opening up the pores of the skin, which then lead to enhancing the blood flow, maintaining and realigning the circulation of qi-pronounced as “chee”- it disassembles any hindrances or obstructions and develops a pathway for the toxins and the poisons of the body to be pulled away.
A few of the specialists that perform cupping will additionally apply slight quantities of oils that have been medicated or herbal oils on the skin right beforehand of the procedure of cupping; this allows them to shift the cups around the specific acupoints or meridians just after they have been positioned.

Cupping is used to treat
The procedure of cupping therapy is applicable to cure illnesses such as coughs, common cold, stress, high BP, asthma, aches and pain in muscles and tension. It is also used to treat bronchial congestion and paralysis. 

It has also been observed that cupping therapy aids in helping with anxiety, back pains, depression, eczema, acne, varicose veins, fertility problems, arthritis, anemia, shingles, gout, insomnia and fibromyalgia. There is a widely known Chinese proverb that translates to “Acupuncture and Cupping, half the illness cured”.

Cupping should not be performed with
There are certain restrictions as to when cupping can be performed and when not. It is highly unadvised for cupping to be performed on an individual that has reddened or sore looking skin as well as the people that are suffering from a high fever or seizures. People who bleed very easily should also not take up on cupping. Lastly, anyone that is pregnant, has haemophilia, lupus or a circulation disorder or suffers from diabetes should not have cupping therapy performed on them.
Side effects of cupping.

Cupping usually results in marks that appear on the skin. This is due to the process of pulling the blood of the body towards the surface of the skin; this is kind of like a bruise. People that are suffering from any bleeding disorder such as hemophilia or those individuals that are using anticoagulants, it is advised that they do not use cupping for healing. It is imperative that an individual first deliberates in detail with their doctors about the advantages and disadvantages of cupping. Any skin that has burns or open wounds or has an infection should not use cupping. A slight sense of discomfort may occur during cupping but it is nothing major or harmful. This discomfort is already assumed as the connective tissues and muscles of the body are being loosened.

Specialists or therapist particularly the usual Western providers of health-care should be highly conscious and mindful of cupping being used as a treatment. Cases have been reported where the application of cupping on children was considered and presumed to be abuse.


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Amazing world of Acupuncture

What is Clinical Acupuncture?
Clinical Acupuncture, has also been known as the more advanced version of acupuncture system that blends Medical Acupuncture which is developed by western medical PR actioners and the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture that has been in practice for a thousand years. This involves ‘With Needle Acupuncture’ as well as the ‘Needleless Acupuncture.’ 

There are many advantages to this which include the scientific Biomedical understanding which is based on anatomy, physiology, biochemistry as well as pathology. It gives quick relief. It requires less time per session & fewer sessions and it retains the Holistic Health base of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Under a certain condition called the Aseptic Condition Acupuncture treatment. This is done completely under aseptic conditions in which needles of an international brand are used and never reused. Treatment includes: A Holistic Diagnosis and an Assessment which includes collection of relevant information about sickness and the factors associated with it. The clinical examination of patient and investigations are another factor. This is followed by diagnosis of the sickness which includes both clinical and disorder diagnosis on the basis of acupuncture and the traditional Chinese medicine. The Treatment Plan includes a suitable design on the basis of the diagnosis. Treatment sessions are then undertaken. Which are further followed up by regular assessments of patient’s health and the effect of the acupuncture. Decision is taken about number and frequency of further sessions, on the basis of the Patient’s response. 

About Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a treatment that is used without drugs. It involves specific points known as the acu points that are stimulated to relieve pain or treat various diseases. These acu points are situated on meridians along which Qi flows. Every point is related to particular organ & function. This results in free flow of energy that helps in the betterment of the organs as well as treatment of diseases and restoration of health. Acupuncture is safe as only sterile needles are used in acupuncture and discarded. It is also painless as it uses very fine needles which do not cause more than a small sensation. It is also effective as World Health Organization has accepted effectiveness of acupuncture in various diseases & disorders. It is in practice all over the world.

Type of acupuncture
Starting with the Body acupuncture, Scalp acupuncture, Face acupuncture, Ear acupuncture, Hand and foot acupuncture. 

The Traditional techniques are as follows: Needle acupuncture that includes a needle, three edged needle, plum blossom needle, press needle, intra dermal needle etc. Moxibustion is also one form and Cupping is another. 

Modern techniques of Acupuncture
There are several modern techniques which can be used in conditions in which Classical Acupuncture with needles cannot be used. This is suitable for children and for people who are scared of needles. Some of these techniques are Electro Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture, TENS Acupuncture, and Ultrasonic Acupuncture. 

How acupuncture works in pain and diseases
There are many benefits of acupuncture, starting with Pain relieving effect is an Acupuncture that relieves pain and is getting accepted worldwide as one of the best option in pain control. It increases the pain threshold which is the level at which pain is felt. The next is sedation effect acupuncture results in calming down.  Decrease in delta & theta wave activity in brain is seen in EEG. This effect helps in conditions like insomnia, anxiety, mental agitation, etc. Homeostatic effect is an Acupuncture that helps in normalization of internal environment in body. It helps in endocrine balance, balance of autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory balance, metabolic balance and electrolyte balance. This helps in bringing body functions to normal level, it helps in immune enhancement, it helps with anti-inflammatory anti-allergic effect, and it helps with better motor activity. 

Scientific basis of acupuncture
Acupuncture has been a subject of extensive scientific research. Many studies claimed that acupuncture treatment has significant benefit in treatment of pain and diseases. Many theories have been forwarded to explain the scientific basis of acupuncture. Two important theories are the Gate Control Theory of Pain where the pain feeling is modified by interplay between excitatory and inhibitory pain pathways and acupuncture helps by influencing these pathways. The second is Neurohormonal Theory in which the pain perception is influenced by release of certain neuro hormones like endorphins. It proposes that acupuncture causes release of these neuro hormones. The third is the neurotransmitter theory through which acupuncture works by releasing certain neurotransmitters like serotonin or noradrenaline.

What Patients should know?
They should keep the body parts clean for treatment and inform the acupuncturist if they have any of the following conditions like Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Hepatitis, Pregnancy, On medication  for example anticoagulants, Hemophilia or other bleeding disorder, Cardiac pacemaker or other metallic / electronic implants, Tuberculosis and other active infection. They should avoid being too hungry and very tight cloths before the treatment. They need to empty their bladder before acupuncture treatment.

Precautions in Acupuncture Treatment
There are conditions in which acupuncture is avoided or used with great caution. Some are: Cancer and malignant conditions. Mechanical obstruction like twisted loop of intestine or severed tendon. Surgical cases like fractured bone, dislocated joint, congenital defect etc. Fulminating acute infections. In resistant chronic infections, acupuncture can be used as support therapy. Pregnancy especially in first three and last three months. Haemorrhagic or bleeding disorders. Caution must be observed or laser acupuncture may be used. Certain states like very old, debilitated or dying patients. Excessive emotions and after sexual intercourse. Conditions like after hot bath, under alcohol influence, after excessive sweating. Patients with uncontrolled movements.

What diseases are treated by Acupuncture?
World Health Organization WHO has accepted effectiveness of acupuncture in various diseases & disorders. Here are some of them. Physical or Mental diseases like Paralysis, Neuralgia, Migraine & other Headaches, Epilepsy, Coma, Parkinson’s disease. Musculoskeletal Complaints, Respiratory complaints like Pleurisy, Gastrointestinal Complaints like Gastritis, Gynaecological Complaints like Dysmenorrhea, and Obstetric Complaints like Infertility and Cardiovascular Complaints like Angina.

Benefits of Acupuncture
A form of alternative medicine, acupuncture is a popular method that was originated in China many centuries ago. The method involves the insertion of thin needles into the body. The needles are inserted at a specific point. The depths vary from person to person. It is a tradition Chinese medicine and its practice is not based on the scientific knowledge. It is also known as pseudoscience. The method of using this technique varies from country to country. Some countries use this method in its purest form while some countries form a combination in order to treat the patients. 

Acupuncture is considered an effective method in healing the body. The popularity of this method is evident from the clinics that are situated in different countries. The clinics are available in large numbers that reflects the popularity of the method. The people who are accustomed to acupuncture have seen visible results in their well-being.

Are there any risks associated with this method?
The risks involved in this method are low. The risk can be reduced if the practitioner has perfected his skill and uses clean needles. Every method has a certain rate of risk involved with it. In this method, however, the risk can be reduced if precautions are taken. The reported cases that showed the adverse effects of this method were pneumothorax and infections. Since then many improvements have been made to perfect the method. 

Techniques of inserting needles

1.            Insertion
The first step is to sterilize the skin and needles. A plastic guide tube is used in insertion of the needles. The needles can be inserted by spinning, moving up and down or flicking. It depends on the type of skin. Since pain is felt in the outer skin so the practitioners recommend a quick insertion of the needle. It is painful at first but a skilled practitioner can reduce the pain.
2.            De-qi sensation
It refers to a sensation of numbness or an electrical tingling. It is produced along the meridian. If the insertion of the needle does not produce this feeling then it can decrease the rate of a successful acupuncture. This may be cause by the improper technique of insertion, insufficient manual manipulation, etc. So all these factor should be kept in mind. 

Some other practices
             Acupressure: a physical pressure is applied on the acupressure points by the use of hands, elbow or other devices.
             Moxibustion: it is combined with acupuncture. It involves the burning of cone shaped moxa near or on the skin.
             Cupping therapy: it is another Chinese form of alternative medicine. In this method, a local suction is created on the skin. This helps in improving the blood flow so that the process of healing can move at a fast pace.
             Tui-na: it does not involve needles but can be done by hands in which the flow of qi is stimulated.
             Electroacupuncture: the acupuncture needles are attached to an electric device that produces electric pulses continuously.
             Fire needle acupuncture: in this method the fire needles are quickly inserted in the body.
             Auriculotherapy: it is used for outer ear. It involves the insertion of needles to stimulate points present on the outer ear. It is also known as ear acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, or auriculoacupuncture.
             Hand acupuncture is also known to be an effective method. It was developed in Korea.
             Cosmetic acupuncture: it helps in reducing the wrinkles on the face.
             Bee venom acupuncture: in this method diluted bee venom is inserted into the acupoints.  

More Benefits of acupuncture
1.            The use of this method can give you a strong immune system. The method strengthens your immune system and helps you fight against the ailments.
2.            The patients who have recently undergone a surgery can find this method to be very effective. It reduces the nausea and suppresses vomiting that the patients experience after a surgery.
3.            The drug users can find an escape from the pain and an urge to take drugs through this method. It reduces the need in the drug addicts and as a result they feel less compelled.
4.            The patients who suffer from psychological and emotional disorders can find refuge in this method. It helps them to maintain the balance and overcome the imbalance.
5.            The fatal and dangerous diseases can also be cured by this method. After a few sessions of this method, the patients can feel the difference in their body.
6.            Acupuncture also helps in improving the circulation of blood.
7.            The injuries can have a fast recovery with the help of this method.
8.            The patients who have high risk of blood pressure and decreasing heart rate can benefit from this method.
9.            It can also improve the muscle blood flow.
10.          It helps in regulating the autonomic nervous system.
11.          The gastro-intestinal motility can be normalized by the sessions of this method.
12.          The reproductive hormones are essential in a body. This method can help you in balancing the reproductive hormones.
13.          The side effects of this method are few and it is the safest option that one can opt for.
14.          It is an effective method in controlling some excruciating pains.
15.          The patients who have not shown any result to medication or improvement can benefit from this method.
16.          The patients who are not willing to take pain medication can use this method to lessen the pain.
So it can be seen that the method is very effective in treating the patients and ailments. Due to its low risk factor, the method is very popular in many countries. It has fewer side effects and if the practitioner is skilled and has a perfect skill then it is the safest option that the patients can choose. It is also beneficial for treating fatal diseases. The method and techniques vary from country to country. It is often combined with different techniques and the results are very significant. So this method is the safest and appropriate one that can be used to treat the patients. 

Precautions to observe
Traditional Chinese medicine also known as TCM uses many age old methods that are used to provide relief to individuals. Almost all the methods used in TCM are pseudoscience and do not have a firm footing set in strict scientific procedures. Acupuncture is one of these methods that are used to gain relief from illnesses and general pain. 

Acupuncture is largely used in China as well as the United States of America along with many countries in the Middle East and Africa. This is a well-known process used by many when modern medicine fails them. However, even with its popularity many of the common men are hesitant towards this procedure for a multitude of reasons.

Some people do not believe it is as effective as believed by most and are pessimistic towards its operational usefulness. While others hold resistance towards it due to fear and a misunderstanding of how the procedure works. The mention of several needles being injected into the skin scares many people and makes them uncertain and doubtful towards it. These people are very timid and tentative when approaching a procedure like this and make sure to be extremely cautious. 

If you are one of these people, there are certain precautions you must follow to ensure you get a safe and effective treatment from an acupuncture session. Although not many problems or issues have been reported regarding the process of acupuncture, there are still some risks everyone should be wary of. Due to these risks there are certain guidelines or rules that must be followed by the person undergoing this procedure. 

Acupuncture has been in use for many thousand years and thus has developed a lot and garnered quite a lot of familiarity among individuals. An acupuncture session involves the basic acupuncture needling, the art of cupping, massages, moxibustion, ear acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and lastly acupressure. 

To earn and receive a proper, secure and calming experience in case of an acupuncture treatment, some prevention and precautions are advised which help in decreasing the dangers of any side effects that may result from an acupuncture treatment. 

The very first step when getting an acupuncture treatment is to be fully confident that you have relayed all your medical history to the specialist or as more appropriately known the acupuncturist. With the purpose of developing an accurate and fully detailed, secure and suitable diagnostic report along with guaranteeing a correct and fully relaxing treatment, the acupuncturist convinces the patient to confide in them and completely inform them of their condition for which they are receiving the treatment as well as the medications taken by them or are prescribed to them. This step also includes giving a detailed report of any other issues that the patient may have to the specialist so they may treat them properly and without any complications. 

The second step or precaution comes during the actual session or treatment that is proceeding. The patient should feel fully comfortable with his or her acupuncturist and inform them immediately of any distress or anxiety they may be feeling. It is highly important that there is a trust developed between the patient and the practitioner but it is also very significant that the patient feels comfortable enough in making the specialist aware at any time they feel pain or discomfort or any other issue with the way that the specialist is doing their work. Often many individuals have different preferences as to how they want to be treated or have specific requirements and surroundings in which they feel the most calm, in this case they need to talk to the acupuncturist and enlighten him as to how they want to be treated. 

Diet is extremely important when getting an acupuncture treatment. The scheduling of when you intake your food must be done at least a day or two prior. For example it is the most ideal to consume a light and dainty meal just an hour earlier to the treatment session. Having eaten too much or contrary being too hungry during the session can lead to the patient feeling an advanced and accelerated rate of nausea or the risks of them fainting. Because acupuncture is such a delicate and gentle process it is highly important that such proper precautions are taken to application. In order to completely diminish or decrease the risk of the individual experiencing any side effects it is advised for them to not over eat or starve themselves. 

The patients are supposed to be relaxing during the treatment but it is very important that they pay attention beforehand to all the details such as making sure that the doctor performing this procedure is fully clean and observing a hygienic lifestyle. It is imperative that the patient themselves observe the doctor using brand new acupuncture needles. To do this, the patient should politely ask the doctor to use a fresh packet and also make sure that the doctor opens the packet of fresh and new acupuncture needles in front of them. This ensures the patients safety regarding their health and dismisses any health, safety or hygienic concerns the patient may have. The new acupuncture needles are sure to be sterilised and very safe.  

It is vital that the individual undergoing the acupuncture treatment strays away from any alcohol abuse or drugs or any other harmful substance that will interfere with their health and the treatment. They should refrain from using such substances before as well as after the treatment for a certain period of time. 

Other than this, it is also stressed that the individual stays away from any physical work that is too hard and heavy. Strenuous or exhausting and difficult exercises should not be performed as they take a lot out of an individual and leaves them gasping and tired. No physical pressure or strain is to be taken upon by the individual instantly after or before the acupuncture treatment as doing so can heavily weaken the individual’s body and leave them drained and weary. This contrasts with the purpose of acupuncture which is to provide relief and sooth a person. 

It is recommended that the individual puts on very comfortable clothes that are not tight at all rather are loose and warm and put the individual at ease. They should also be able to be pushed to the elbows and knees as this helps the acupuncturist seeing as how many of the acupoints are generally found at the limbs i.e. the arms and legs. 

It is suggested that you only seek treatment from the best of the best as amateurs are more at a risk of doing the treatment wrong. The most typical problems that have been reported are the development of infections after a treatment as well as punctured organs especially lungs due to inexperience and wrong performance and lastly harmful damage to the CNS i.e. central nervous system.

If all the particulars and specifics of the individual’s condition aren’t properly relayed to the doctor it is highly possible that something will go wrong. The individual needs to inform the doctor of all the details of their medication and problems to confirm that the doctor does not prescribe them any false medications for wrong parts of the body that endangers them further. Or interferes with their already prescribed medications in a lethal way.

Last step is to just warrant that the treatment was performed accurately and properly, the occurrence of any side effects should be informed and a detailed plan should be drawn for the future appointment and sessions.

Details on Types of acupuncture
A good healthy body is essential in life as it prepares you for the worst and the best phases of your life. A healthy body is ready to face any challenge that comes its way. However, in some unfortunate situations the body loses this essential ingredient and then follows a bleak and dull life. It takes away the essence and in some extreme cases a person is confined to a room or bed. To avoid such situations there are many ways that can help a person in maintaining his health. 

One such method is acupuncture. It is a traditional Chinese Medicine and its origin goes back to many centuries. The method is popular for pain relief and to restore health. The method involves the insertion of needles into some specific points of the body. It then helps in stimulating the energy which is known as “Qi”. This is known as life energy. This is the basic requirement of the body and is needed to maintain balance and health in the body. The life energy or Qi is affected due to many reasons and some of them are ailment, load of work, poor diet and illness. The practitioners of this method have to observe the person and look for the reasons for his bad health. The approach is then determined and the practitioners opt for the best method. 

Different types of acupuncture
It originated in China and with the passage of time it has spread in Korea, Japan, Europe, America and Vietnam. With its movement towards different countries, the technique and method have evolved with time. The reason of this development is the influence of the culture and opinions expressed by different practitioners. Over the years so many methods have evolved that one cannot pinpoint the best. The basic method of acupuncture remains the same; it is just the technique that has changed. Some of the different styles of acupuncture are given below. 

TCM acupuncture
The most common practice of acupuncture is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine abbreviated as TCM. It is practiced in the United States. All the aspects of this method are considered while practicing this form.  One of the main focuses of this method is to restore the balance of the body irrespective of the conditions. Its practice can lead to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Furthermore, this method also uses the burning of Chinese medical herbs. The eight principles of complementary opposites are used to create harmony and balance in the body. The eight opposites are yin/yang, hot/cold internal/external and excess/deficiency. The herbs give strength to the body. It helps in treating allergies, insomnia, fatigue, cold, chronic headaches, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, stress, depression and anxiety. 

Japanese acupuncture
It is slightly different method than TCM. The needles used in this method are few and thin. It is also known as Classical Acupuncture. It is based on the Five Element Theory. It uses the minimum amount of stimulation in order to achieve the best results. It is effective for treating insomnia, fatigue, knee and back pain, strain, nausea, anxiety and headache. 

Auricular acupuncture
As the name speaks for itself, in this method ear is the major part of the body and has many points that connect the organ with other major organs. The shape of the ear is like an upside down foetus position. The ear lobe is the “Master Sensorial Point”. The inside of the ear is “Master Cerebral Point”. Any stimulation on these points helps fight anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. It helps in treating anxiety, allergy, arthritis, addictions, insomnia, sprain, migraine, depression etc.    

Korean acupuncture
It has the techniques borrowed from TCM and Japanese acupuncture. It involves the hand therapy that represents the entire body. There are 14 meridians and 300 different points that represent the whole body. In this way any stimulation on these points can help in treating the different parts of the body. It helps in treating headache, digestive problems, eczema, cough, shoulder pain etc. 

This method is effective in bringing back the Qi if it is blocked in some area of the body. The cups are used for suction and in this way it stimulates the flow of blood and opens the blocked path. It also eliminates toxins. It is helpful in treating minor ailments. It helps in the treatment of eczema, anxiety, blood disorders, coughs, migraines etc.  

It is a heat therapy. The method involves the burning of mugwart that is a spongy herb and helps in warming the trigger points in the body. It helps in enhancing the flow of Qi. It helps in treating arthritis, menstrual conditions, cold, muscle inflammation and digestive problems. 

Electro acupuncture
It involves the attachment of electric device that clips onto the needles. It sends electric pulses that are adjusted according to the amount that is required. 

Medical acupunctures
It is closely related and almost the same as a classical acupuncture. The only difference is that a licenced medical doctor can perform this method. It forms the neuromuscular anatomy its focal point and uses medical science to treat the patient. It is a combination of eastern and western medical knowledge. 

French energetic acupuncture
It is based on traditional Chinese Medicine method that also combines the eastern and western medical knowledge. It involves the insertion of tiny needles in the meridians so that the patients can be treated. It is used for treating chronic illness and injury. It is done by restoring the balance between yin and yang. 

So it can be seen that there are different types of methods of acupuncture that are used widely to treat the patients. Is the safest option that one can choose in treating any ailment. The choice of the method depends on the patients’ problem. The practitioner thoroughly studies the patients and then decides his approach. It also works on the mental and emotional disorders that can help in restoring the balance. So avail the opportunity if you are presented with any.


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